1. What are your product sizing details?

All nails have 24 different size in one set. So it fits all nail sizes.

2.How long do the nails last for ?

Sticky pad can last for about 5 days.It is waterproof sticky pad. 

3.Can i reuse the nails?

Yes, all of our nails are reusable if you use the sticky pad.

4.Do the nails come with sticky pad ?

Yes, all nails come with sticky pad(24pcs),nail file and cuticle pusher. You dont need to order seperately. But you could order more if you need more sticky pad.

4.What countries can you ship to ?

We can deliver to UK , US. Canada, Australia, New Zealand,Europe,South Africa.Mexico, UAE etc.

5.How long would the shipping take?

Most of the countries takes about 2-3 business days to process and 2-3 weeks to arrive.

It depends on your country. Please check the details here: https://lexiselected.com/pages/shipping-policy

6.How to track my parcel?

Please enter the tracking number with the tracking site 


7.How do I wholesale items?

The MOQ is 50 sets of nails.

Please contact us through Whatsapp and ask about the wholesale price. 

Whatsapp: +(86)15317906608

 8. Can I cancel My order ?

You can cancel your order before it is processed and shipped.Please use Whatsapp: +(86)15317906608 to contact us. Do not forget to provide your order number.

IMPORTANT: After your order has been shipped, no modification or cancellation of order will be possible.

9.I wrote the wrong address, when I checked out. Can I change the address ?

If your package has not yet been shipped, we can change your address. You just have to send the right address to whatsapp: +(86)15317906608 and specify your order number or your full name. If your package has already been shipped, we will unfortunately not be able to make any changes and you will have to contact your local post office directly.

10. Glue or Sticky tabs?The forever question 

Don't have time to book an appointment with your favourite nail artist? Or perhaps you find it annoying applying nail polish every second day?
We got you girl! You definitely don't need to give up on your perfectly manicured nails. 
Non-chipping, lasting at-home manicures are a total mood now! 

Press on nails are your new bestie. They look like salon manicure, feel lighter than gel and are literally ready in 10 minutes or so from the comfort of your home. 

You can apply them in two super easy ways, either by using the nail glue or Sticky tabs.
We made a little list for you so you can understand better the main difference between the two

Nail Glue
Sticky tabs
Long wear up to 14 days Short Wear up to 1 week
Applies in 10 minutes  Applies in 5 minutes
One time wear
Reusable up to 5 times
Removal: Glue remover (3 minutes)/ Soak for 15-20 minutes in hot water until nails loosen up  Removal: Cuticle pusher + warm water in a few minutes



When you visit the salon, your nail tech will start with thorough prep and that is what you should do too when applying press on nails.

First, push back cuticles, remove excess skin from your nail beds, buff your nail surface gently and wipe with the alcohol pad to ensure there is no moisture, oil or dirt left on your hands. This will help your press-on nails last longer.

Our press-on nail kit includes all the prep kit, nail file, cuticle pusher, and adhesive tabs. so you are all set for an easy application. Just in case you need more detail, please check the tutorials following this instruction.


There are 24 nails in your nails kit in different sizes. If you are indecisive about the exact nail size - always choose the smaller size. It's less likely that air bubble will appear and your nails will stay on for longer time. If necessary, you can easily reshape your press-on nails to fit perfectly your natural nail by buffing them on the sides.


- sticky tabs or nail glue? If you want to wear the fake nails only for your next even or you like to switch up the manicure to match your outfit almost every day - you want to use sticky tabs that come in the set. There are 24 stickers in every  kit that should be sufficient for two applications. These Sticky tabs mostly last you up to 5 days however they can even last up to 1 week, depending on your lifestyle. 

Ready to invest in your first set of press-on nails? Check out ours!

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